Heat Pumps


There are two kinds of heat pumps; air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps. Ground source heat pumps which use bore holes or thousands of meters of plastic pipe buried in the garden tend to be expensive to install and less popular in Ireland.

Heat Recovery

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An heat recovery and ventilation (HRV) system will extract the warm, moist air from rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. This is done through a concealed duct system. The air is passed through a heat exchanger then ducted outside. Fresh air from outside is drawn in and passed through the heat exchanger, which warms it, and it’s then ducted to the living rooms and bedrooms. Some systems have a feature so that when it’s warm outside, the air can bypass the heat exchanger to help keep the house cool.

The systems often have two speeds, so when the kitchen and bathrooms are being used – and producing lots of moisture – the extraction rate can be boosted.

If you’ve built an energy efficient house, then the system can meet part of the heating needs of your home, as well as helping to distribute the heat. If you are building to Passivhaus standard, HRV will contribute to satisfying the requirements. The systems can be combined with ground air heat exchangers.

Many systems come with air filters, so they’re helpful in preventing potential allergens entering the house.

An HRV system will need regular maintenance. The system needs to be kept in balance in terms of the supply and extraction of air. Filters, grilles, fans and heat exchangers need to be kept clean, too.

Solar Thermal

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Cork’s Choice for Solar Panel Installation, Clean Energy Ireland, has emerged as Cork’s top choices when it comes to solar thermal and solar energy solutions. Based near Ballincollig, Clean Energy Ireland, can install a solar panel water heating system for you that will save you money on your annual hot water needs, reducing your costs and your carbon footprint.

Solar panels save people 70% of the cost of their hot water for the year, so they are a terrific investment; pay for themselves within a couple of years and best of all-there’s a €1250 grant available. Don’t take our word for it, see what our customer say.

Solar panels work by capturing the sun’s heat, which is free energy, and using it to heat up the water in your home. Heating water is the second largest use of energy in Irish homes, so solar power is a smart way of saving money; reducing fossil fuel consumption and becoming leaner, cleaner and greener. The solar panels are fitted to the roof of your house; they efficiently absorb the light and heat from the sun (yes, even on cloudy days!). A highly efficient, factory-insulated water cylinder is installed in your hot press and can be tied into your existing heating system. An anti-freeze fluid is pumped from the cylinder up and around the solar panels; gets heated in the panels and then returns to your hot water cylinder, heating your water.

We have customers in the counties: Cork. Clare, Tipperary, Laois, Waterford, Kerry, Limerick. Wexford, Kildare, Dublin.

Solar PV

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The Solar Photovoltaic PV panels transform daylight directly into electricity and is a rapidly expanding market worldwide. The panels produce DC voltage during daylight hours, this is converted immediately to normal ESB compatible voltage and distributed…