Very Merry Christmas

The staff at Clean Energy Ireland would like to thank you for your continued support and custom over the past year. We wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas.

The New Year is set to bring some new & exciting products to our range and we will continue to strive to provide you with a premium customer service experience and the highest quality products on the market.

We wish you a joyful and peaceful New Year and look forward to doing business with you in 2019.

Deanrock Social Housing

deanrock social housing

Clean Energy Ireland begin installation of the PV systems on the Deanrock social housing scheme being delivered by Cork City Council.

The Deanrock landbank has lain vacant since the demolition in 2007 of 108 “eyesore” flats, built in the 1970s by the National Building Agency. The development of the site will provide some much-needed housing stock to the community and has been welcomed by many.

The scheme includes 32 three-bed houses; 24 two-bed houses; four two-bed maisonettes; three two-bed apartments; two four-bed houses; and a community building. They should be ready be the end of next year. Designed by the council’s Architects Department, the Deanrock houses will have an A-energy rating, with top quality insulation, air tightness, and photovoltaic panels to reduce heating and electricity bills for tenants. 

Clean Energy Ireland will install a PV system on each unit, varying in size from four panels / 1.1kW to eight panels / 2.2kW. Each system will be roof mounted using the highest quality materials. The PV system has been designed to provide the maximum energy production for the home tenants. The Inverter will be mounted within the attic space of the building.

The entire project will take place over a year as the new phases of the site come onstream. Clean Energy Ireland will work closely with the main contractor to ensure a seamless installation process. Delivering the highest quality service.

Commercial PV Benefits

commercial pv panels

Commercial PV panels, a.k.a. photovoltaic, are usually muddled using solar thermal arrangements, on the other hand they work in alternative method. Not like solar thermal arrangements, which are used to create warm water, PV panels seize the sun’s dynamism and change it into electrical energy.

The electrical energy produced by commercial PV panel is typically used for running domestic appliances and tools. The utmost distinctive PV arrangement is the grid-connected structure, which as its title specifies, is linked to the domestic grid. At nighttime, once the solar panels stop working, you can custom electrical energy from the gridiron.

  • Commercial savingscommercial pv panels

Let’s be truthful, the main aim for managements making the choice to set up solar is for economic advantage and there are large advantages to be consumed. Industries who have great energy practice for example those in nutrition manufacture, logistics, delivery and farming can protect the maximum but so can less important industry with average energy consumption. By current connection charges, a solar PV system distributes its production at an amount of about 5 pence/kWh. This associates using the current grid-iron delivered amount of 11-15p per unit.

  • Economic stability

By the completion of April 2017 completely the main energy dealers will have trekked their rates up and about by 5-10% and within the following 10 years energy bills are foreseen to twice. By commercial PV panels you are in result onward purchasing your electrical energy at a usual worth of about 5 pence each unit. This means your industry will never be bare to energy bill upsurges over again commencing the solar electricity and this creates monetary foretelling a lot stress-free.

  • Energy safety

A fine designed commercial PV panel can support an industry develop energy self-governing. It means you can decrease your dependence on the domestic grid-iron who is previously taking actions to avoid blackouts. Solar deals energy safety at a secure rate.

  • Enhance value of your rooftop

Having solar plates on an industry sites might also enhance worth to the property strength. Forthcoming occupants or purchasers will see worth in partaking electrical energy produced at location and this will enhance to the attractiveness of the buildings.