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Air leakage can detract from the thermal performance of a building, by providing a ventilation path within the construction for heat loss, thereby “short-circuiting” the thermal insulation, and reducing the U-value of the building elements.


Airtightness Products

Our airtightness products help prevent draughts meaning better living comfort and increased energy efficiency, which in turn leads to lower heating costs. Improved airtightness also protects the building against damage, helping to maintain its appearance and extending your home’s life. Efficient regulated indoor air ventilation can only be achieved if Read more…


Airtightness Testing

Clean Energy Ireland are testing building since 2007 and have in excess of 1,000 tests completed, therefore, we are well positioned to help you achieve the levels of air tightness required. Our equipment and expertise allows us to test a range of buildings types, from studio apartments to multi-storey office blocks.