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Solar Grants

Now is a great time to avail of the €1250 grant available on solar panels; the grant application process is a simple online form (Clean Energy Ireland will show you how to fill it out) and you will get a response before you commit to any works.

PV for Farming

40% grant available for Pig & Poultry Farms who invest in Solar PV (Photovoltaic), Solar Thermal and other energy saving technologies. 13th of August, 2015 – Minister Coveney Announces Launch of New Pig & Poultry Scheme.

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Solar Services

Clean Energy Ireland offer a wide range of solar design services for the solar contractor and DIY solar system installer. We can assist with every aspect of the solar design for your project contact us for details and a quote for your solar system project.

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Solar Products

Clean Energy Ireland offer solar PV panels that are manufactured to the highest quality and have been officially recognised as a tier 1 PV Panel. Available in Polycrystalline or Monocrystalline in either silver frame or black frame.