Clean Energy Ireland is an NZEB, low energy, passive house company.
Nearly Zero Energy Buildings, or NZEB are required under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. New buildings owned and occupied by Public Authorities after 31st December 2018 must be NZEB and from 31st December 2020 all new buildings will be required to be NZEB.

The EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD – 2002/91/EC) is the main European legislative instrument for improving the energy efficiency of Europe’s building stock. Under the Directive, the following obligations were introduced in all Member States:

– A methodology to calculate and rate the integrated energy performance of buildings,
– A system of energy certification for new and existing buildings, with display requirements for public buildings,
– Regular inspections of heating and air-conditioning systems,
– Minimum energy performance standards for new buildings and for existing buildings that undergo major renovation with a useful floor area over 1000 m2.


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