Single Room Heat Recovery

Save on your energy bill and provide your home with clean, fresh air. Every home needs fresh air to come into the building from outside, for you to breathe. It’s also vital that stale and damp air and pollutants are removed – both for your health, and the integrity of the building.

Opening windows and doors – so-called purge ventilation – teamed with extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms will do the job, but of course causes heat loss. To ensure that you are saving energy but also creating a healthy home, it’s vital to consider how the house is ventilated. Heat Recovery and ventilation (HRV)  systems are a solution. They exchange stale air for fresh air, and recover heat in the process.

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What is a Single Room HRV system

A Single Room Heat Recovery unit is a ventilation unit that is applied through the wall and is designed for a one-room installation.  It works in the same way as the whole house solution, by extracting moist air and supplying  fresh air that has been warmed by the heat exchange cell.  Single room HRV units are also an ideal solution to replacing old extract fans ans provide a much more energy efficient solution.



  • No ducting required in installation.

  • Easy to fit.

  • Effective solution to indoor condensation and mould growth problems in a particular room.

  • Low running costs. 
  • Improve the air quality of your home.


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