flashing kits

Clean Energy Ireland supplies four separate flashing kits for the following roof finish types.
- Irish Slate (Anthracite);
- Flat Tile (Anthracite);
- Curved Tile with Lead skirting (Anthracite);
- Irregular Tile with lead skirting (Dark brown).

They are manufactured in Austria to the following Austrian standards:
- ÖNORM B2221;
- ÖNORM B7219;
- ÖNORM B2110.

No additional lead, sealants or fixings are required.

solar pump station
pump station

The pump station comes in either Return string or combined Flow & Return. Each station has an easy fit mounting bracket as well as an expansion vessel stainless hose mounting bracket and isolating valve. The Pressure Valve (PRV) is rated at 6 bar, it conforms to DN4757 part 1, certified to TÜV Solar and complies to Directive PED 97/23/CEE.

Further details from following files:
- Flowbox Solar Double (365 KB) >>
- Flowbox Solar Single (2,861 KB) >>

solar expansion
Solar Expansion Vessel

The solar expansion vessel supplied with the Clean Energy Ireland Solar Heating Systems complies with DIN 4757 and is available in increments between 12 liters and 105 liters. The vessel is pre-charged to 2.5bar and has a max working pressure of 10bar. For accurately calculating the correct vessel size there is downloadable software available from the Clean Energy Ireland website which is from DIN 4807.

Expansion Vessel Calculator.xls (346 KB) >>

solar discharge vessel
solar discharge vessel

The Solar Discharge Vessel (SDV) is supplied with a mounting bracket and screws and comes with the necessary hose length and hose fittings to be quickly applied to the PRV. The SDV comes in 3 sizes:
- 5 Litres,
- 12 Litres,
- 18 Litres.

A brass drain is fitted to the bases of the SDV.

solar controllers
solar controller

Clean Energy Ireland supplies two types of solar controllers, Resol Deltasol Bs Pro and the Prozeda Controller. The Resol Deltasol BS Pro accepts 4 X PT1000 inputs and provides 2 X output relays. The functions in this controller allows auxiliary heating functions which could be used where there is a risk of Legionnaires. It controls east-west collector configurations and facilitates priority heating of cylinder zones.

Deltasol BS Pro Controller Manual (2,265 KB) >>
Prozeda Controller Manual (2,676 KB) >>

mixer valves title
mixer valves

Tacanova MT52 is the preferred mixer valve for preventing excessive heat going to the users. The following files contains the MT52 technical details

Tacanova MT53 Mixing Valve (2,052 KB) >>

solar pipes

Stainless Steel is the preferred pipe used with solar installations. The pipe is manufactured from 316L grade stainless, allows rapid installation while italso prevents frequent joining of pipes. The following is the Area & Volume details of the solar pipe.

- Solar Pipe Area & Volume Datasheet (79.5 KB) >>

solar pipes

HT Armaflex is the preferred solar insulation; this insulation comes in a range of sizes to satisfy Part L building requirements. The insulation is UV and water resistant and can tolerate temperatures of up to 150 degrees C. The following are technical details on the HT Armaflex.

HT Armaflex (763 KB) >>

tyfocor antifreeze

Tyfocor L is the preferred anti-freeze in solar systems. Tyfocor L is a non-toxic, virtually odourless, hygroscopic liquid. It is based on propylene glycol which poses no hazard to health and which may be used as a coolant or heat-transfer fluid in food processing and water purification applications. The corrosion inhibitors contained in Tyfocor L reliably protect the metals normally used in solar installations and other heating equipment against corrosion, ageing and deposits over long periods. Tyfocor L prevents the surfaces of heat exchangers from becoming fouled, and ensures consistently high thermal efficiency. The following files should be referred to before using this anti-freeze. The concentrate should be mixed to give a freezing point of -30 degrees C.