2 kW with immersion diverter

€5,500 incl. Vat

€1,400 grant refund

4 kW with immersion diverter
& 2.4kWh battery

€11,000 incl. Vat

€3,800 grant refund

*Estimated by PVGIS software.
**Assumes electricity cost of €0.19 incl. vat / kWh.

Clean Energy Ireland uses a PV system that has achieved an NSAI Agrément Certificate.
This establishes proof that all materials are suitable for use under Irish site conditions. 


PV Panels

> 25 year linear performance guarantee.
> 12 year manufacturers guarantee.


> Inverter comes with a standard 5 year warranty.
> Option to extend this to 10 years.


> 7 year manufacturers guarantee.

> Figures stated for a pitched roof installation. solar pv ireland
> PV Modules: 300W, Mono, Black. 1650mm x 992mm.
> Property location is within a 40km radius of Cork city.
> Inverter & battery is installed in the attic/crawl space.
> Cable runs from panels to fuseboard to be assessed.
> Client ensures SEAI grant eligibility before works commence.
> A BER assessment is not included.
> Client may need to acquire planning permission.
> Prices are a guide only. Final quote is subject to a site assessment.