Airtightness Testing

Clean Energy Ireland have been testing buildings since 2007, with thousands of tests  completed each year. 

Our experienced team are fully NSAI certified. Our equipment and expertise allows us to test a range of buildings types, from studio apartments to multi-storey office blocks.


In addition to testing buildings, we offer:

  • Advice on the air tightness regime.
  • Design reviews – checking design details to ensure they are robust and likely to be airtight when complete.
  •  Site inspections to ensure that the building is being constructed in an airtight manner.
  • Smoke testing for the localisation of the air leakage points.
  • Thermal imagery for air tightness and insulation fault finding.

What We Provide

1. NSAI Certified Engineers and procedures, ensuring that your test results are immediately recognised by architects/engineers, building control and ber assessors.

2. A rapid response from personnel who are based in Munster & Leinster.

3. A one-stop-shop for airtightness testing and mechanical ventilation testing.

4. Minimum disruption on-site with immediate results.

5. Practical, cost effective support on-site if your building fails a test.

6. A range of supporting services including thermal imaging and smoke tests.

7. Flexible, competitively priced service for every customer type.

8. All our test equipment is calibrated annually to UKAS requirements.

Download our Brochure

Download our airtightness testing brochure to find out everything you need to know about the airtightness testing services that we provide. 

Our Procedure

The following factors are vital for a successful airtightness test:

1. Test location and opening size.
2. Size and condition of house.
3. Interference to other work during test process.
4. Availability of power.
5. Accessibility to all rooms in the property.
6. Implications of unsavoury weather conditions.


To achieve the best performance we may retest a house.

The test equipment is calibrated to UK National Standards requirements.

Clean Energy Ireland performs airtightness testing in accordance with:

IS EN ISO 9972:2015 (Thermal performance of buildings – Determination of air permeability of buildings – Fan pressurization method)
CIBSE Technical Manual TM 23 (Testing Buildings for Air Leakage) ATTMA TS 1 (2006).



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