Save on your energy bill and provide your home with clean, fresh air. 

Why improve the air quality in your home?



Over the past decade there has been an increased demand on builders, architects and engineers to improve the thermal efficiency of our homes. Making them draught free and well insulated. This could lead to poor air quality and can significantly increase the effects of asthama and other respiratory problems, condensation, mould growth, unpleasant smells and a build up of toxic gases.

Clean energy Ireland is a BPEC approved installer and commissioner of ventilation systems and provides a full turnkey solution including the following.

  1.  Ventilation planning,
  2.  Equipment installation,
  3. System commissioning,
  4. Support & maintenance.


At Clean Energy Ireland,  we offer a number of Ventilation solution to help you meet the building Regulations  Part F

HRV - Heat Recovery Ventilation

  • Continuous supply and extract ventilation in one system.
  • Heat exchange to recover energy usually lost through other ventilation methods. 

DCV - Demand Controlled Ventilation

  • Continuous extraction of air from “wet” rooms.
  • Self-balancing constant adjustable pressure saves energy.
  • Humidity and PIR controlled system.

Single Room Heat Recovery

  • Improve air quality on a room by room basis. 
  • Continuous supply and extract ventilation.

DMEV- Decentalised Mechanical Extract Ventilation

  • Continuous low-trickle extract. usually wall mounted. 
  • No need for ducted systems. 
  • Rapid extraction on demand with PIR or humidity options available.

MEV - Mechanical Extract Ventilation

  • Continuous extraction of air “wet” rooms. 
  • Self balancing constant adjustable pressures saves energy. 
  • Humidity and PIR contolled system.

PIV - Positive Input Ventilation

  • A fan (usually in roof space) supplies air via a central hallway or landing. 
  • Introduces slight positive pressure to push water-vapour out of natural leakages in the property. 

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