Sound Testing

Have your premise sound tested by our team. Sound Testing is a service describing acceptable level of sound between two spaces, that are separated by a dividing element and outlining the impact sound insulation (basing on the Technical Guidance Document ‘E’ of the Building Regulations in Ireland).

Test should be carried out in the early stage of your project, to make sure that you are able to achieve the highest performance possible:

  • No noisy operations around the property (during testing),
  • Ceilings, walls and floors completed (no cosmetic floorings),
  • All windows fitted and closable,
  • All doors (external & internal) must be installed,
  • Any Ventilation Systems installed should be closed,
  • 50Hz (240v) power within the dwellings is required.

Impact and Airborne Testing

Impact Testing is carried out on the floors (only if applicable to the property). The tapping machine (simulating footfall) is being placed on the floor of the upper of the test rooms and is used as the sound source to measure the noise received in the room below.

Airborne Testing is undertaken by initiation of a controlled noise on one side of the wall (or floor) and measuring the pressure level of the sound on the other side. It allows us to calculate the difference between two rooms and to compare the obtained results to the requirements of performance. This provides the result of the airborne sound insulation.

What We Provide

If there is under 10 dwellings in the tested construction, our standard set of test sounds is composed of:

– 2 Impact Tests – Floor Tests
– 4 Airborne Tests – 2x Floor and 2x Wall Tests

The amount of tests can be increased or decreased depending on the quantity and type of the dwellings.

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